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General Terms and Conditions of Sales -Albors SRL 2021 ©

Article 1 Scope and application.

1. These general terms and conditions (hereafter: ‘General Terms and Conditions ’) apply to all sales and deliveries of products and services by Albors Srl. (Via Aurelio Saffi 9 20213 Milano Italia, hereafter referred to as: ‘Albors’) and to all orders and offers related thereto.

2. By the request for an offer or the placing of order at Albors, or by the conclusion of an agreement with Albors, the counterparty (hereafter: ‘Purchaser’) accepts the application of these General Terms and Conditions.

3. Once these General Terms and Conditions apply, they shall consequently apply as well on all further business transactions between Albors and Purchaser, also if their applicability is not explicitly reagreed.

4. General terms and conditions of Purchaser are explicitly rejected by Albors.

5. The modifications or the rejections of these General Terms and Conditions are only valid when explicitly agreed in writing between Albors and Purchaser.

Article 2 Prices.

1. The sum that Purchaser is due to Albors for products or services, shall be charged by Albors based on the agreed price of the product or the service in EURO, increased with the applicable vat and other (customs) duties unless other price arrangements have been agreed by Albors and Purchaser in writing.

2. Prices of products and services may be increased by Albors due to an increase in production or labor costs. Such price increase will at the earliest take effect after two (2) months after a written notification by Albors to Purchaser specifying the price increase.

3. Payments in other currencies than EURO are only accepted by Albors if that has explicitly been agreed in writing.

Article 3 Placing of orders.

1. Offers of Albors to Purchaser can unilaterally be amended by Albors as long as they have not resulted in an order of Purchaser that has been accepted by Albors.

2. Order must be placed on the website (https://www.albors.it) in writing, per e-mail by a person who is authorized to represent Purchaser. The contact details with respect to the placement of orders are E-mail: commerciale@albors.it Telephone: +39 0248405758

3. Only after a written confirmation of the order by Albors to Purchaser, the order will be binding. Albors shall not be obliged to accept any order.

4. Purchaser acknowledges that Albors operates on the basis of make-to-stock.

Article 4 Delivery terms, costs, and risks.

1. Albors is entitled to deliver an order in installments. Those deliveries may be charged by Albors pro-rata.

2. Delivery terms that are provided by Albors shall not constitute fatal deadlines unless explicitly stated (using the word “fatal”). Albors shall only become liable for damages for not meeting non-fatal delivery terms in case of and in accordance with Article 7.1 sub c (and Article 7.2).

3. Any term for delivery (fatal or not) shall be extended when it is exceeded by Albors due to circumstances that are not attributable to it (such as force majeure), with a term that shall at least be equal to the duration of those circumstances. If the exceeding of a delivery term, due to the aforementioned mentioned circumstances, lasts longer than two (2) months, both Purchaser and Albors shall be entitled to rescind the agreement. Prior to the expiry of this term dissolution based on the aforementioned circumstances shall be excluded.

4. Albors is not bound to an agree fatal delivery term if Purchaser fails to perform its obligations, specifically regarding the payment of the agreed prices. In these cases, Albors reserves the right to claim the suspension of its obligations based on the performance of the agreement by Purchaser.

5. Information on Albors about the size of packages or the type of packaging is non-binding. Albors may itself elect the packaging and route of delivery in accordance with the applicable requirements on a case by case basis, after consultation with Purchaser.

6. By default, unless otherwise agreed in writing, shipment will take place out of the warehouse from Albors, Ex Works (Inco Terms 2010).

7. Costs and damages that arise for Albors due to a delay of delivery because of a delay in the acceptance by Purchaser (in particular costs for storage and price differences) shall be at the account of Purchaser.

8. The orders will only be delivered after full payment of such order by Purchaser.

Article 5 Acceptance, visible and hidden defects.

1. Purchaser is obliged to investigate the products ordered immediately upon arrival at the place and address of destination indicated in the order by the Purchaser, and to notify Albors ultimately within fourteen (14) days of any possible visible defects in the products. Hidden defects in the products must be reported by Purchaser to Albors in writing, per e-mail to commerciale@albors.it, as soon as they have been discovered, but no later than seven (7) days after discovery. Complaints that are reported to agents of Albors or to other third parties do not qualify as a notification to Albors.

2. Visible and hidden defects that are not ultimately reported within the respective periods stated in Article 5.1 do not benefit from any guarantee.

3. The right of Purchaser to claim defects in products will expire once 80% of the shelf-life of the product has expired, to be determined by the production date and expiry date of the particular product.

4. Albors will assess claims of Purchaser relating to defects in products in accordance with its Quality Assurance procedure. Albors will try to respond to Purchaser within four (4) weeks after receipt of a claim. Albors’ confirmation of the existence of a defect, reported by Purchaser to Albors in accordance with Articles 5.1 and 5.3 shall provide Purchaser with the following rights. a. Purchaser may request  Albors to provide subsequent performance by delivering products without defects. On subsequent performance, the terms of Article4 with regard to the term of delivery apply accordingly. b.. Only if Albors refuses to provide a subsequent performance as in Article 5.4 sub a, Purchaser may claim damages in accordance with the terms of Article 7.1 sub a.

Article 6 Specifications and responsibility for use of products.

1. Purchaser must itself verify that the ordered product is suitable for the purposes envisaged by Purchaser and that it avails of the required license(s) for such use. Compliance with applicable laws and regulations in relation to the use of products delivered by Albors shall be the exclusive responsibility of Purchaser.

2. General product data that are provided in a public catalog or website of Albors, are only indicative and do not constitute a binding declaration with regard to the quality of the products. Albors shall not be liable for any inaccuracy of such data.

Article 7 Limitation of liability.

1. Albors shall not be liable for-and Purchaser shall indemnify Albors and hold it harmless from-all damages of the purchaser, third party claims and fines imposed on Purchaser and/or Albors in relation to the products or services, offered, sold or delivered by Albors to Purchaser, including due to infringement of third party’s intellectual property rights, except for damages: General Terms and Conditions of Sales Albors Srl. 2021 ©   a. caused by willful misconduct, gross negligence or breach of performance of a contractual obligation by Albors. In case a breach of performance can be remedied, Albors shall only become liable for damages if Purchaser has notified Albors of the default in writing and has provided it with at least thirty (30) days time, to remedy the default; b. caused by a breach of a guarantee provided by Albors; and/or c. caused by delay in delivery by Albors, if following on a delivery term, a period of at least four (4) weeks has also passed without delivery, and Albors is responsible for the delay of the delivery. In this case, the liability for damages is limited to the monetary damage that is customary for the type of contract.

2. Compensation of consequential or indirect damages, such as lost revenues and lost profits, is always excluded.

3. Article 7 shall not exclude or limit liability that cannot be excluded or limited based on italian statutory law.

Article 8 Duty to inform Albors of third party complaints.

1. Irrespective of applicability of Article 5, Purchaser shall always notify Albors without delay following receipt of a complaint of a third party relating to products and services of Albors, to E-mail: commerciale@albors.com, Telephone: +39 0248405758 Purchaser shall provide sufficient information to allow a meaningful assessment of the complaint by Albors.

2. Bioseutica will assess third-party complaints in accordance with its Quality Assurance procedure. The purchaser will cooperate and will follow all reasonable instructions provided by Albors on the handling of the third-party complaint.

Article 9 Confidentiality, data privacy.

1. Each party undertakes to keep secret any confidential information disclosed to it by the other party during the performance of an agreement or the negotiations leading up to it.

2. The obligations to maintain secrecy do not pertain to information that was already known to a party at the time that the information was disclosed to that party, or to information that has been or must be disclosed further to a statutory obligation or judicial decision.

3. If any other agreement between Albors and Purchaser includes confidentiality obligations that are in conflict with the obligations of this Article 9, the terms of such other agreement shall take precedence.

4. The provisions of this Article 9 will remain in force after the termination of an agreement.

5. Albors processes personal data that it collects in relation to this Agreement on the basis of Article 6 sub GDPR. Bioseutica’s privacy policy can be consulted on its website. Purchaser shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to data privacy.

Article 10 No license.

Unless explicitly agreed in writing, Purchaser shall not have a license and is not allowed to use intellectual property owned or controlled by Albors, such as patents and trademarks.

Article 11 Payment terms.

1. The standard payment term for Bioseutica’s invoices is thirty (30) days after the date of the invoice unless agreed otherwise in writing.

2. In the event of late payment, Albors is entitled to charge statutory interest over the unpaid amount, without a notice of default being required, whereas also other debt collection costs may be claimed by Bioseutica.

3. The right of Purchaser not to make payment by way of settling existing counterclaims is excluded, except for counterclaims that are undisputed by Albors.

4. All claims that Albors has on the Purchaser, irrespective of the grounds on which those are based, become immediately claimable in case circumstances arise that provide Albors the right to terminate an agreement.

Article 12 Force majeure.

Neither party shall be liable for the non-performance of its contractual obligations if such non-performance is to be attributed to circumstances that are beyond its control, inter alia in the following circumstances: fire, war, seizure, shortage of raw materials, interruption of energy supply, industrial disputes, strikes and breaches of contract by suppliers due to one of those mentioned causes. This term applies to all contractual obligations, including subsequent performance.

Article 13 Retention of title. Each product that is delivered by Bioseutica to Purchaser, remains owned by Albors until the price has been fully paid.

Article 14 Right to rescind an agreement.

1. Albors is entitled to rescind an agreement based on the following grounds:

a. When Purchaser appears to lack solvability. Lack of solvability may automatically be presumed in case of a protest filed against a bill of exchange or a cheque, the cessation of making payments by Purchaser or an unsuccessful debt collection against Purchaser, also when this has occurred between a third party and Purchaser;

b. If it appears that Purchaser has intentionally provided incorrect information about its status of solvability;

c. If products that are subject to a retention of title by Albors, are sold or delivered by Purchaser to third parties differently than in the regular course of the daily business of Purchaser, or if encumbrances are placed on them, especially by the placement of a lien or by a seizure, unless Albors has given its prior written consent thereto.

d. Any other ground provided for by the Italian Civil Code or these General Terms and Conditions.

Article 15 Jurisdiction, applicable law.

1. The district court of Milan shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to disputes between Albors and purchaser, arising from a sale or delivery of products or services by Albors to Purchaser, or from orders or offers related thereto.

2. To the sale and delivery of products and services by Albors to Purchaser, to orders and offers related thereto and to these General Terms and Conditions, and the applicability thereof, Italian law shall apply. The law of the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) of the United Nations of 11-04-1980, is in addition thereto applicable to international transactions. These General Terms and Conditions shall in such cases take precedence over the rules of the CISG.

3. These General Terms and Conditions are available in the English language only. General Terms and Conditions of Sales - Albors Srl 2021 ©  


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